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Name County
State Map Type Elevation
Palace of the Oaks Trinity Ca Papoose Creek Woods 3,333 ft' View Map
Oak Grove Trinity Ca Sportshaven Woods 3,793 ft' View Map
Trinity National Forest Trinity Ca Halfway Ridge Forest 4,249 ft' View Map
Ellen Pickett State Forest Trinity Ca Lewiston Forest 2,936 ft' View Map
Burroughs Pinery Tehama Ca Campbell Mound Woods 3,136 ft' View Map
Graham Pinery Tehama Ca Deer Creek Flat Woods 2,585 ft' View Map
Black Oak Grove Tehama Ca Panther Spring Woods 2,513 ft' View Map
Yoris Grove Stanislaus Ca Ceres Woods 69 ft' View Map
Bohemian Grove Sonoma Ca Camp Meeker Woods 991 ft' View Map
Russian Orchard Sonoma Ca Fort Ross Woods 338 ft' View Map
Adam and Eve Redwoods Sonoma Ca Healdsburg Woods 630 ft' View Map
Coppers Grove Sonoma Ca Glen Ellen Woods 968 ft' View Map
Stanley S Spyra Memorial Grove Sonoma Ca Fort Ross Woods 331 ft' View Map
Pygmy Forest Sonoma Ca Plantation Woods 863 ft' View Map
Klamath National Forest Siskiyou Ca Ukonom Lake Forest 4,898 ft' View Map
Tahoe National Forest Sierra Ca Haypress Valley Forest 6,309 ft' View Map
Lower Plantation Shasta Ca Jacks Backbone Woods 5,568 ft' View Map
Latour Demonstration State Forest Shasta Ca Jacks Backbone Forest 5,827 ft' View Map
Flat Woods Shasta Ca Roaring Creek Woods 2,753 ft' View Map
Dwarf Forest Shasta Ca Manzanita Lake Forest 6,152 ft' View Map
Cherry Thicket Shasta Ca Viola Woods 4,514 ft' View Map
Upper Plantation Shasta Ca Jacks Backbone Woods 6,253 ft' View Map
Shasta National Forest Shasta Ca Dunsmuir Forest 3,520 ft' View Map
Cathedral Redwoods Santa Cruz Ca Felton Woods 279 ft' View Map
Garden of Eden Santa Cruz Ca Felton Woods 197 ft' View Map