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Name County State Map Type Elevation
Black Oak Grove Tehama Ca Panther Spring Woods 2,513 ft' View Map
Graham Pinery Tehama Ca Deer Creek Flat Woods 2,585 ft' View Map
Flat Woods Shasta Ca Roaring Creek Woods 2,753 ft' View Map
Mount Zion State Forest Amador Ca Pine Grove Forest 2,854 ft' View Map
Ellen Pickett State Forest Trinity Ca Lewiston Forest 2,936 ft' View Map
Spruce Grove Humboldt Ca Harris Woods 3,084 ft' View Map
Burroughs Pinery Tehama Ca Campbell Mound Woods 3,136 ft' View Map
Boggs Mountain State Forest Lake Ca Whispering Pines Forest 3,241 ft' View Map
Palace of the Oaks Trinity Ca Papoose Creek Woods 3,333 ft' View Map
Los Padres National Forest Santa Barbara Ca San Rafael Mountain Forest 3,340 ft' View Map
Big Pines Monterey Ca Big Sur Woods 3,514 ft' View Map
Shasta National Forest Shasta Ca Dunsmuir Forest 3,520 ft' View Map
Oak Grove Trinity Ca Sportshaven Woods 3,793 ft' View Map
Cleveland National Forest San Diego Ca Palomar Observatory Forest 3,904 ft' View Map
Pilot Grove Lake Ca Bartlett Mountain Woods 3,924 ft' View Map
Soldiers Grove Humboldt Ca Showers Mountain Woods 4,052 ft' View Map
East Pinery Santa Barbara Ca Figueroa Mountain Woods 4,127 ft' View Map
Trinity National Forest Trinity Ca Halfway Ridge Forest 4,249 ft' View Map
Blodgett Experimental Forest El Dorado Ca Tunnel Hill Forest 4,275 ft' View Map
Cherry Thicket Shasta Ca Viola Woods 4,514 ft' View Map
Stanislaus Grove Big Trees Tuolumne Ca Stanislaus Woods 4,721 ft' View Map
Mendocino National Forest Glenn Ca Kneecap Ridge Forest 4,738 ft' View Map
North Grove Calaveras Ca Dorrington Woods 4,757 ft' View Map
South Grove Tuolumne Ca Crandall Peak Woods 4,869 ft' View Map
Angeles National Forest Los Angeles Ca Agua Dulce Forest 4,885 ft' View Map